Serego Alighieri<br />2015 Casal dei Ronchi<br />Recioto Classico 500 ml<br>Italy 6pk

Serego Alighieri
2015 Casal dei Ronchi
Recioto Classico 500 ml
Italy 6pk

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TYPE Dry - Red
REGION Veneto | Italy
GRAPES Corvina | Rondinella | Molinara
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About the Wine

About The Winery
Serego Alighieri is one of the most prestigious and historic Venetian estates with a tradition of winemaking in Valpolicella dating back more than 650 years. It all began in 1353 when Pietro Alighieri, son of 'the Supreme Poet' Dante, bought the Casal dei Ronchi vineyard in Gargagnago in the center of Valpolicella Classica, which remains at the heart of this historic property today.

In 1549 when the Alighieri family found itself with only female heirs, they married into the powerful imperial Serego family, resulting in the Serego Alighieri name which the family has carried on ever since. In the forward-thinking spirit of the family, Marcantonio Serego was an enthusiastic proponent of agricultural reform, land reclamation, and of increasing the productiveness of his estates in the 16th century. Later, in the 1920's, Pieralvise Serego Alighieri founded the School of Agriculture in Gargagnago with the goal of replanting local native grape varieties, furthering their dedication to the land.

Most recently, in 1973, Tenuta Serego Alighieri joined the Masi Group, with whom they share a great love for the land. Today, the property where 21 of Dante's descendants have lived generation after generation, is a landmark site for viticulture and the embodiment of the true spirit of Valpolicella.